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Tim Wilson is Australia's Human Rights Commissioner and a classical liberal public policy analyst. He is one of Australia's most challenging opinion makers drawing on strong philosophical principles, backed up with evidence while maintaining a real-world edge. Passionate. Controversial. Fearless. He's not afraid to be outspoken in offering an optimistic solutions-focused perspective on local and international issues that gets people engaging and talking. More..

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  • Insidious threats to free speech, The Australian - Apr 6th, 2014
    Identity group-based arguments for restricting free speech are just a backdoor, sociological argument for censorship. On Monday night's episode of ABC1's Q&A the 'human rights' panel unsurprisingly debated the Abbott government's proposed changes to the Racial Discrimination Act. Apart from myself, all the other panellists argued for restrictions, although one accepted that laws that sto more...

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